What is CardAkina?

CardAkina; It is the easiest way of your online payments.

CardAkina is a virtual payment system that you can have prepaid. The fastest and easiest way to securely purchase many products and services worldwide is the CardAkina.

costless Costless
simple Simple
protected Protected

How to Get CardAkina?

Getting CardAkina is much easier than you might think.



To get a CardAkina, complete your membership process by clicking "Register".



Pay for your card with one of the money transfer methods.



After completing your payment, click "Buy" and get the CardAkina you want.

How to Use CardAkina?

You can use the CardAkina to make online payments ensuring the security of your personal information.

Get Your Card

Get Your Card

Become a CardAkina member and buy the CardAkina you want.

Use Your Card

Use Your Card

Make your online payment with your CardAkina's 16-digit card code, CVV code, expiry date and the amount of your card in Euros.

Confirm Your Transaction

Confirm Your Transaction

Check and confirm your transaction and complete your purchase.